Hampton Woods Tennis

August 2014
Court reservations is handled by Reservemycourt.com You will need to be a member of the neighborhood and establish an account to reserve a court. If you are a registered member of the neighborhood click here to access additional instructions on how to use reservemycourt.com.
1. The courts are for the use of HWHOA full members only.  A Hampton Woods resident who is not a full member may not use the courts at any time.
2. HWHOA full members will be issued a code to the keypads for entrance to the courts.  This code is strictly for members, and cannot be shared to non-members.
3. A HWHOA Board or tennis committee member should be promptly notified of any trespassing or rule violations.
4. Courts are to be used for tennis play only.  There are to be no animals, bicycles, riding toys, cleats, skates, or skateboards on the courts at any time.
5. Proper attire shall be worn at all times, including shirts and non-marking tennis shoes.
6. Absolutely no food, soda cans, or glass containers are allowed on the courts at any time.  Plastic drink containers with leak-proof lids are permitted.  All trash should be deposited in the trash containers provided.
7. At least one HWHOA full member must be playing on any court used during recreational play.
1. Violations of these rules should be reported to HW tennis committee or to members of the HWHOA Board.
2. The HWHOA tennis committee/Board shall decide the appropriate actions for rule violations.
3. Rules are subject to change and additional rules may be issued and posted from time to time.
1. Courts may be reserved for up to 2 hours and not more than 5 calendar days in advance of play, except for regularly scheduled team matches.  Reservations must be made on line at www.reservemycourt.com.
2. Courts may be booked between the hours of 8:00a.m. to 10:00p.m.
3. There is a 15-minute default time for all reserved courts.  If the individual who reserved a court is not on that court within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, the court becomes available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
4. If a member will be unable to use his/her reserved court time, he/she should cancel his/her reservation as a courtesy to other members.
5. A member cannot reserve a second court time on the same day until he/she has completed the first reserved court time, unless one of the two court times is for a lesson.
1. All ALTA and USTA teams must have prior approval by the Board of Directors before forming.
2. Team rosters must be comprised of at least 30% HWHOA members.  Exceptions may be made by the tennis committee according to court availability.  Teams with a higher percentage of HWHOA members will be given priority if scheduling conflicts occur.
3. Out of neighborhood players must pay $20 per season for adults (max $40/year), $30 for couples (max $60/year), and $15 per season for children (max $30/year).
4. IMPORTANT – To register a team, the official roster and team number must be submitted to the tennis committee.  All payments for outside players must be made in full at the time of registration.  Under NO circumstances will teams be allowed to schedule or reserve court time prior to meeting the above requirements.
5. At the beginning of each season, two courts will be reserved for the team’s home matches for the entire season.
6. The third court will be left open for recreational play.  However, if it has not been booked by the time matches have begun, it may be used for team play.  A match cannot be bumped off the court after it begins.
7. The tennis committee must approve any organized round robins, team practice sessions, or tournaments.
8. Regularly scheduled matches take precedence over playoff matches.
9. Team Captain must verify that the courts and deck area are cleaned up after matches.
10. When the swimming pool is closed, it is the responsibility of each Team Captain to unlock the women’s bathroom (which will be unisex during this time), refill paper products, remove trash, and lock-up after the match.  The restroom must be locked and heaters and lights off when not in use for matches.
11. Junior teams shall have all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of adult teams.
12. When additional players are needed, teams must advertise for HWHOA members by posting on the HW Facebook or on the website before seeking outside team members.