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Chestnut Lake
Chestnut Lake is a spring-fed lake in the heart of Hampton Woods. 
With regular maintenance and water quality testing we are ensuring the long term health and viability of the lake.

Updates 2021: 
The board has undertaken a year long survey of  the health of the lake and and accompanying fish stock program.
The annual plan consists of 10 service visits, monthly April-October and every 6 weeks November-March. During each visit general lake conditions will be tested and observed, removal of trash/litter, maintain and visually inspect the spillways, monitor the dam and shoreline for erosion/sedimentation and report any changes. During the warmer months, aquatic herbicides will be utilized as needed to maintain invasive aquatic and shoreline weeds and excessive algae growth. We will also begin the water quality enhancing program when water temperatures are acceptable. After each visit we will receive a detailed report of our activities and findings.
In March 2021 we welcomed 35 new 8-10" grass carp to Chestnut Lake. They are a natural solution to any vegetation build-up and will contribute to the Lakes' biodiversity. Further stocking of game fish is pending.
Water Quality Reports
Chestnut Lake - June 2021 Testing
Chestnut Lake - June 2022 Testing
Native Freshwater Fish